COERR Mae Hong Son Organized Planting and Herbal Soap Making Activities

COERR Mae Hong Son organized Saturday Activity for schoolchildren who spend their weekends learning by doing that not only provide knowledge and have fun but also have some products for daily use that can become their income generating activities.

Throughout August, they have learned about growing vegetable and making washing liquid and soap for their own use and for distribution to other vulnerable refugees.

On Saturday, August 6, 2016, chili planting caught children’s attention and interest in how plants grow. 43 children participated in this Saturday Activity. Chili Planting activity was organized in Ban Mae Surin camp, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son Province. Children learned from COERR staff how to mix compost with soil to have fertile soil before putting seeds, how to water the seeds already sowed, how to add more compost to the seedlings. After 2 months when the plants are growing up, they need to be transplanted in the plastic bag and after a while they need to be transplanted into the garden plots so they can fully grow. Children and youth learned from this activity have confidence that they understand how to grow plant and that they may be able to grow vegetables for income generation.

COERR Agricultural staff explain about cultivation: mixing compost and soil, sowing seeds in the soil, time to grow before putting the seedlings to plastic bag, then transplanting in the garden plot and how to water and add fertilizers, etc.

Children are divided in groups. Each group has a seed tray to fill seeds.

In Ban Mae Surin camp, children put seeds in the seed tray and cover with soil then they took the seed tray to the plant nursery. COERR will continue to take care of these seeds until they germinate into seedlings and transplant each into plastic bag to distribute to the vulnerable and needy families to grow for food.

On Saturday, August 13, there were 42 children comprising 28 girls and 14 boys gathering to learn how to make dish washing liquids.

Later, on Saturday, August 27, COERR organized the soap Making course in Ban Mae Surin camp. 43 youth are interested in learning how to make these Melt & Pour soap using materials that are suitable for facial skin, made from herbs. Youth from the Youth Club paid much attention as they want to make this for sale as their income generation. They said that the steps to make melt and pour soap are easy to learn and that they are willing to teach others who may be interested. They also would like to learn more so that they can apply their skills in making soap from various herbs for different benefits of skin. It would be useful for them if they can find plants and herbs available in their area so that they can make their own soap to sell in the market.

Youth are listening to how to make Melt and Pour Soap: Various Materials needed in making soap, such as herbal powder that are proper for facial skin and benefits of different herbs