COERR Kanchanaburi Promote Livelihood Skills for Refugees

COERR Kanchanaburi continued to promote the Livelihood Training Program among refugee youth in Ban Don Yang camp in Kanchanaburi province and Ban Tham Hin camp in Ratchaburi province. Youth have been encouraged to gather in groups according to their interest in livelihood activities. Then skills training were provided for groups, based on their choice. After being trained, groups can start activities and COERR follow their progress and provide necessary technical advice and support.

Livelihood activities in Ban Don Yang include sweet banana crisps making, noodle shop and broom making group; in Ban Tham Hin fermented rice noodle and sweet banana crisps making groups. During March – April, washing solution making, shampoo making, liquid soap making groups were visited for follow-up and further training.

Training in Washing Solution Making Group for their New Members

Sweet banana crisps making was taught in Ban Tham Hin in March to have the refugee youth groups learn how to prepare the proper recipe to have good taste and make packaging to meet the market’s demand. In April, the groups were trained more for better skills so that they can start their business.

COERR staff from urban refugee program visited the livelihood activities in Tham Hin camp