COERR Kanchanaburi Support Pastoral Work

Pastoral program during March-April continued in Ban Don Yang, Kanchanaburi Province and Ban Tham Hin, Ratchburi Province. On March 9, 2016, Mass was cerebrated by Fr. Justin at the Catholic Church. After Mass, Fr. Justin and catechists discussed about Easter ceremony, to be cerebrated on April 5th.

There was a Sunday School’s summer catechism class in Ban Don Yang Church, during March 21st – 25th, in which 25 youth, including 9 male and 16 female, learned about catechism and participated in the performance of the passion of Jesus during March 21st -25th, organized by catechists.

In Ban Tham Hin Church, on March 20, Fr. Justin celebrated Mass on the occasion of Palm Sunday services, to mark the beginning of the Holy Week, that last till Easter cerebration on March 27th.

There was also a Sunday School’s summer catechism class in Ban Tham Hin Church. There were 86 youth, including 38 male and 48 female, learning the catechism, about the religious teaching, singing, games and play, during March 20-26, 2016.

Catechism summer class at Ban Tham Hin camp

Easter Day in the Ban Tham Hin Church

Pastoral Program also includes participation of youth and elderly in the activities such as weaving, soy milk preparation. There was also home visit to elderly who are too old or sick in order to offer supplementary food, house cleanin and repairing, etc.