COERR Kanchanaburi Organized Chicken Raising Workshop for Refugee Youth

In 2016, COERR has started the livelihood program in poultry raising since February. There was an announcement of the project; selection of interested youth groups; discussion and formulation of project proposal. Then a workshop of chicken raising was organized in May at Ban Don Yang and Ban Tham Hin camps in which the programs have continued to June and July. COERR trainer follows up the activity to make sure that chickens are healthy and grow properly.

Layer chicken and hen raising at Ban Don Yang Camp

กลุ่มเลี้ยงไก่ไข่ที่บ้านถ้ำหิน จ. ราชบุรี Layer chicken and hen raising at Ban Tham Hin camp in Ratchaburi Province

Broiler chickens raising by refugee youth groups in Ban Tham Hin camp