COERR Provided Humanitarian Relief to Illegal Immigrant Detainees  in  Immigration  Detention  Center  (IDC)  while waiting for release process

   In addition to the mission for providing humanitarian assistance to refugees and victims of natural disaster since 1978, COERR has been continuously providing relief to the illegal immigrant detainees in the Immigration Detention Center (IDC) of Immigration Bureau since 1988. There were around 700-1,000 detainees daily awaiting release process.

   COERR has been distributing relief supplies to both male and female detainees with the following items: supplementary food, e.g., apple; hygienic packs for daily personal hygiene such as tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and washing detergent; as well as cleaning supplies of broom, toilet brush and skimmed cleaner, etc.

   To enhance detainees who were away from their home countries to be able to communicate with family at home countries, a telephone card is given to each needy detainee for this purpose.

   COERR has the technician survey and check the efficiency of water filters regularly . The old and out of order water filters were replaced with the new ones. The expired cartridge filters found in any water filters were also replaced, to ensure the pure drinking water for all detainees. 


Supplementary food such as UHT Milk and fresh fruit like apple were distributed to detainees every month


Personal hygiene kits containing tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, soap and 

detergent were distributed each month


Brooms, toilet brushes, skimmed cleaners and garbage bags were distributed regularly