COERR Organized Dialogue with Youth on Social Media Safety

   In May 2023, COERR organized dialogue with youth on Social Media Safety for children and youth in temporary shelters to use the social media in proper ways such as knowledge, communication, entertainment and general news and information.

     COERR Mae Hong Son organized training on May 17-18, 2023 at Ban Mai Nai Soi temporary shelter with 92 youth 

     participants of 63 females and 29 males.

     COERR Mae Sarieng organized this on May 3, at Ban Mae La Oon temporary shelter with 65 participants of 56 females 

     and 9 males and on May 5, at Ban Mae Lama Luang temporary shelter with 66 participants of 46 females and 20 males.

     COERR Mae Sot organized the training on May 3, at Ban Nupho temporary shelter with 47 participants of 35 females 

     and 12 males.

     COERR Kanchanaburi also held the training on May 3, at Ban Don Yang temporary shelter with 40 participants of 31 females

     and 9 males.

   The aim of the training was to enable youth participants to become aware of social media impact nowadays; to provide opportunity for participants to discuss and analyze about the society’s benefit and loss from the impact of social media; and to brainstorm how to convince other youths to become aware of the challenges caused by social media, and try to make social media safety.

   The platforms that are quite popular in the communities are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Line, TikTok, Youtube, etc. which had both positive and negative impact on the users.

   At the beginning, the participants discussed about the benefits of social media, that was used in a responsible and age-appropriate way, can help children and youth learn, think critically and build the skills they need for the future.

   However, there were some inappropriate contents, such as some behavior like smoking, drinking alcohol, sexual contents, etc., that should be avoided. Some youth spend so much time on social media that they neglect their study, damage their health, waste their parents’ money on internet expenses.

   The outcome of the brainstorming was as follows: parents should pay closer attention to make sure that children limit their time on social media so that they would have more time for living their life with the family members. Children should use online media safety, i.e. adjust privacy settings, select options that limit the number of viewers; and, for youth’s benefit, there should be community unlimited free wi-fi for children and youth to access to education, entertainment channels and communication with each other in the safe areas.


COERR Mae Sarieng Organized the Training at Ban Mae La Oon 

and Ban Mar Lama Luang Temporary Shelters


COERR Mae Sot Organized the Training at Ban Nu Pho Temporary Shelter


Training in Ban Don Yang Temporary Shelter by COERR Kanchanaburi