COERR Mae Sot Supported “Youth Teaches Children” Program in Ban Nupo Temporary Shelter

   COERR Mae Sot and the Youth Group in Ban Nupo Temporary Shelter, Umphang District has found that there were some schoolchildren who spent their weekend going out with friends or neighbors instead of staying at home and reading or doing homework. The reason was that these children did not have any elder ones at home who could teach their homework or help them in their study. Since they could not do their homework they get bored and wish to go out.

   COERR had a meeting with the youth group and agreed to support the learning activity for these children during weekend. “The Youth Teaches Children” activity was then organized in which youth with knowledge and teaching skills visit the children at home or any meeting spots for the children on weekends.

   Educational activities conducted by the youth to the older children were teaching the children their homework or go over the homework in order to gain a better understanding; develop their Karen and English reading and writing skills, etc. For small young children, there were several learning and recreation activities offered, such as game, drawing and painting, practicing tracing lines of alphabets, etc. All teaching were implemented in the friendly, supportive and brotherhood atmoshere.

   This activity enabled young children to spend their weekend on learning activity and the youth to enhance their teaching skills. This promoted friendship and happiness of helping others amongst the youth in this program.

   The “Youth Teaches Children” activity was implemented on June 18, 2022 which 91 children of 65 girls and 26 boys attended.