COERR Mae Sot Support Youth Volunteers in Paving the Walkway for Children’s Safe Journey to School

   On June 17, 2022, a team of 50 youth consisting of 12 females and 38 males gathered to build and pave the walkway in Ban Mae La Temporary Shelter Zone C which was the dirt walkway and became muddy during the rainy season. This caused children to go to school in difficulty as they had to walk in slippery walkway and get dirty from mud along the way.

   COERR Mae Sot deemed it necessary to support the youth volunteers under slogan “We Do Good By Heart in Paving Walkway for Young Siblings” which enabled the passer-by and especially children to have a convenient and safer journey to school, that prevented and reduced the tripping accidents.

   When the walkway paving project which was carried out by youth in Zone C, Ban Mae La Temporary Shelter, Tha Song Yang District, Tak Province, was successfully completed, the youth were happy that they have shown the power of volunteering unity that has made the work for the benefit of others possible, and made the community a better place for living.