COERR Mae Hong Son Monitor the Progress of Agricultural Activities in Temporary Shelters

  During January-February 2021, COERR Agricultural Staff, visited Ban Mae Surin Temporary Shelter in Khun Yuam District and Ban Mai Nai Soi in Mueang Mae Hong Son District to monitor the progress of the agricultural activities.

  In these two months, there was a high-yield farming that the harvest was enough for farmers’ consuming and had surplus for distributing to the needy, in addition to selling some for income-generating. It was forecasted that from March, there would not be enough water for vegetable farming. The heat and dry would result in poor quality products that do not meet the market’s demand. Then summer months would be the time for farmers to prepare their land for the next rainy season to come.

  It would also be time for COERR’s camp-based refugee staff who are responsible for Agriculture and Livelihood programs to meet and work together for the improvement of environment and agriculture.


Visits to Farmer’s Productive Vegetable Plots during January – February 2021


                          Animal Bank & Co-Op Committee Meeting                      Livelihood Camp Committees Meeting


Camp-based refugee staff meeting