COERR Mae Sot Provided Psychosocial Support and Waste Management after Fire Incident in Ban Mae La

   On February 9, 2021 at 21.40 hours, fire broke out in Ban Mae La, Zone C, Tha Song Yang District, Tak Province. A mother claimed that her daughter lit a fire and fell asleep. Then fire spread to paper boxes in their grocery shop which sold consumable goods, including gasoline for motorcycles, making fire spread too rapidly and wider than neighbors could stop it.

   It was about midnight that fire became under control by fire trucks from Mae La Subdistrict Administrative Organization and nearby SAOs.

   After the fire, it was found out that 50 houses were completely burned down, leaving 281 affected people homeless and moved to live with relatives or neighbors. Among them there were 8 houses of 35 residents, of which 11 residents were the extremely vulnerable under COERR’s Program. 29 houses with roof removed to form firebreak, leaving 144 unfortunate residents also moved to live with others while awaiting roof repair. There were also some offices being damaged by fire.

   Food and relief supplies were immediately provided by NGOs working in Ban Mae La Temporary Shelter to the suffering people. Construction material had been transported to the affected areas too.

   COERR staff were among NGOs administering, supporting, coordinating and reporting, to ensure that all people in need have received food and relief supplies.

   COERR’s social workers also visited the vulnerable for psychosocial support and see whatever could be offered to help them. It was encouraging sight to see our farmers under the agricultural program delivering their farm products to these suffering people in need.

   Due to the huge debris remains, COERR’s Team of staff and volunteers including those unfortunate, worked together to clean up the area and sort the leftover debris. Roof leaves were burned to prevent future flammable objects. Wooden particles were taken to make kitchen firewood. Damaged metal, zinc, plastic bottles and containers were sold to generate income for the fire-affected families.

Fire and Relief

Farmers brought their farm products to assist the fire victims

COERR team delivered consumable supplies, provided psychosocial counselling
to the extremely vulnerable fire victims, and coordinated with other organizations
in rendering emergency relief supplies

Garbage Collection and Fire Waste Management

Garbage Collection by COERR Volunteers