COERR Mae Sot Organized Dialogue with Youth: Adjusting to the “New Normal” at Nu Po Temporary Shelter

   On October 18, 2021, COERR Mae Sot organized a Dialogue with Youth in Ban Nu Po Temporary Shelter in Tak Province’s Umphang District on the topic “Adjusting to the New Normal” amidst COVID-19 situation. There were 50 youth participants of 33 females and 17 males. Youth shared their experience about impact of COVID-19 pandemic and how they safeguard their life from coronavirus disease.

   Then youth were told to explore what they would do to adjust to the “new normal living condition” concerning education, economics, travel, daily living, change in school timetable,workplace closing, restriction on public gathering, etc.

   New normal condition under new standard of living involved thinking, learning, communications, operation and management.

   In conclusion, youth reflected their adjustment to the new normal as understanding and accepting change and reality of the present situation. Youth should follow the rule and regulation of Nu Pho camp strictly; deal with change positively; find more activities at home such as growing vegetables for food, taking care of family members, talking and listening to each other, reading books, reviewing homework,etc. Youth should also acquire new knowledge and develop skills from online learning namely cooking, handicraft, music, singing, favourite music playing, weaving, animal raising, etc. Activities at home made youth’s leisure time beneficial and effective.