COERR Mae Sot Organized World Teacher's Day at Ban Umpiem and Ban Nupo

   COERR Mae Sot organized the World Teacher’s Day on October 5, 2021 in Ban Umpiem and Ban Nupo Temporary Shelters in Tak Province.

   The World Teacher’s Day was firstly celebrated by UNESCO on October 5, 1994, and continued every year since then, as to set benchmarks regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers around the world and praise for their important social responsibility and role in making education progress.

   COERR also deemed it necessary to organize the World Teacher’s Day, in order to recognize the value of teacher whose role is like a light of knowledge, love, good wish, hopefulness and mercy, that shines towards their students who see the way to make their own dream come true, and with dignity.

   The ceremony began by inviting teacher representatives to the stage and then student representatives paid their respect and offered gift to each teacher. The event was aimed to strengthen relationship between teachers and students, and unity among students, in showing their respect, appreciation, and gratefulness for their teachers. The organization of the ceremony act as preservation of beautiful culture and tradition.

   In addition, there was an activity in which schoolchildren write a thankyou card to their teacher and also essay competition for High School Students on the topic “The Teacher in My Heart”

   The Teacher’s Day Ceremony in Ban Umpiem Temporary Shelter in Phopphra District of Tak Province, had 193 students of 104 females and 89 males, and in Ban Nupo Temporary Shelter in Tak Province’s Umphang District, had 200 students of 135 females and 65 males participated.

Teacher’s Day Ceremony at Ban Umpiem Temporary Shelter

Thank-you card writing and Essay Contest on Teacher’s Day Event at Ban Nupo Temporary Shelter