COERR Church-based Volunteer Group’s Activities during September 2021

   COERR Church-based Volunteer Program was established by His Eminence Michael Cardinal Michai Kitbunchu and Bishop Joseph Pibul Visitnondachai since August 12, 2000 or 21 years ago.

   On September 3rd, 2021, Epiphany Church (Koh Yai) Volunteers, Ayutthaya Province, and COERR staff distributed Relief Bags, provided by Caritas Thailand and COERR, to the Covid-19 infected patients in their community. The Team also paid visit to the Youth under the Livelihood Activity Sponsorship Program.

   On September 8, 2021, COERR Volunteer Committee, COERR Foundation and NCCM (National Catholic Commission on Migration) distributed 150 Relief Bags to People with Covid-19 and the At-Risk Group in Home Care Isolation.ง

   On September 8th, Church-based Volunteers, of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Paklat, Samut Prakan Province, organized several activities such as Cooking Packaged Food and distributing to the Bed-Ridden and the Needy Elderly in the community; Distributing Relief Bags to the People with Covid-19 in Home Care Isolation; Offering the Outstanding Woman Award and the Outstanding Filial Piety Award; Providing consumable supplies for Needy Inmates in Thonburi Women Correctional Institute; and Repairing houses for the vulnerable poor with the cooperation of Bangkok Archdiocese’s Social Commission.

   On September 21st, Spiritual Director of COERR Volunteer Program, Tharae-Nongsaeng Archdiocese Volunteering Committee and staff, distributed relief supplies to four COVID-19 affected families in Samanmit Community.

   On September 27th, Tharae-Nong Saeng Archdiocese’s Samanmit Community-based Volunteers and the Catholic Health Care Provider Association of Thailand based Group, visited the elderly and the Youth under the Livelihood Activity Sponsorship Program.

   On September 27th, Church-based Volunteers, of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church (Paklat) and Our Lady of Lourdes Church (Bang Sakae), cooked and sold food at low price to the villagers in the community.

   On September 27th, St. Raphael Church (Paknam) Volunteer group in Samut Prakan Province, joined the Priests and Sisters in distributing Relief Bags to the villagers in the community who were affected by Covid-19 situation.