COERR Mae Sarieng Organized Youth Volunteering for Dengue Fever Prevention and Waste Management Leadership Learning in Ban Mae Lama Luang Temporary Shelter

   Every year, there was Dengue Fever epidemic spreading in temporary shelters, including in Ban Mae Lama Luang Temporary Shelter. On September 21, 2021, COERR Mae Sarieng launched Youth Volunteering for Community activity in which 109 youth of 56 males and 53 females gathered to distribute abate sand to needy household in each section and to pour in standing water sources, and water containers without cover, e.g. water jars, etc., to prevent mosquito breeding, and to keep the community safe from the Dengue Fever Disease.

   On September 22, 2021, COERR organized the learning activity for youth in “Waste Management, 3Rs Concept”, concerning Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Effective waste sorting process is needed to help community cleaner and reduce the effect of global warming.

   The aim was to promote youth participants to play the leading role in encouraging community cooperation for making better living place.

   The waste management learning activity involved distribution of paper sheet for participants to paint the color according to the type of waste or garbage. Then there were youth leaders who guided and gave advice about proper waste sorting.

   The waste management, 3Rs concept in Ban Mae Lama Luang Temporary Shelter had 345 children and youth including 143 males and 202 females attended.

Youth volunteering in distributing abate sand for mosquito breeding control
at Ban Mae Lama Luang Temporary Shelter

Youth Leadership Learning in “Waste Management Activity, 3Rs Concept”
at Ban Mae Lama Luang Temporary Shelter