COERR Mae Sot Promoted Volunteer Activities on Organic Vegetable Gardening for Elderly, Bean Sprout
Growing and Dish Washing Liquid for the Vulnerable in Ban Nupo Temporary Shelter

   Many vulnerable elderlies hardly afforded their meals. Some had small areas for vegetable gardening but were too weak to dig the soil. COERR Mae Sot then organized the program for youth volunteers to dig and prepare the soil for organic vegetable gardening that would enable the elderly to continue watering their garden and having enough vegetables for the whole month nutrition. The aim was to empower the elderly to be healthy and happy; encourage the elderly to share life experience with community. This program also promoted volunteering spirit among youth; strengthened relationship and narrow generation gap as well as fostered common unity in their community.

   The Volunteer Activity on Organic Vegetable Gardening for Elderly was organized in Ban Nupo Temporary Shelter in Tak Province‚Äôs Umphang District on September 14, 2021, had 20 participants of 18 female youth volunteers and 2 males, together with 5 elderlies.

   In addition, COERR also organized skills training for the low-income group numbering 10 of 7 females and 3 males who gathered to grow beansprouts and produce dish washing liquid for the vulnerable, i.e. the elderly and the handicapped.

   During 15-23 September, 2021, the group harvested 24 kilograms of bean sprouts and distributed to 125 vulnerable of 66 females and 59 males; and produced 16 bottles of dish washing liquid for 72 vulnerable of 32 females and 40 males. The total number of vulnerable beneficiaries of the skill training program was 197.

Volunteer Activity on Organic Vegetable Gardening for Elderly

Growing Beansprout and Making Liquid Dish Washing