COERR Mae Sot Rendered Emergency Relief to Fire Victims in Ban Mae La and Ban Umpiem Temporary Shelters

   On March 5, 2020, at 12.30 hrs., fire broke out in Ban Mae La, Zone C 3a., resulting in 5 houses being burned down completely.

   The house fire had been started when a child was playing with a lighter near a pesticide spray can, then the fire broke out and spread quickly. In order to stop fire from going further, roof of the three houses nearby had to be removed, to avoid catching the fire.

   After the incidents, COERR and other NGOs and Government organizations rushed to provide relief supplies to the fire victims. COERR distributed kitchenware, such as pots, plates, bowls, spoons, clothing, etc., to enable the families to use right away. In addition, COERR community service staff also provided counselling to help the families to overcome the sadness and become stronger to continue their living as normal again.

   Later, on March 8, 2020, at 15.00 hrs. a fire broke out in Ban Umpiem. Three houses were totally burned down. The cause of fire was uncertain, either gas stove explosion, or the fire wood had not been taken out from the stove after cooking. However, there were no injury because no one in the houses. After the incident, COERR visited and provided kitchenware and clothing to relieve the sufferings of the people in need.