COERR Organized “Vegetable Growing in Reuse Containers to Reduce Waste”

   COERR Mae Sarieng supported children and youth to learn to grow vegetables, in reused container, for consuming, future occupation and waste reduction.

   The project started with COERR staff explaining to youth how important it was to reduce garbage in their community. Unless waste is properly managed, the community would be affected and the villagers became unhealthy. Should children and youth wish healthiness, they were required to do two things together, i.e. to reduce waste and to reuse or recycle them.

   Then children and youth were taught about the process of growing plants, preparing soil and materials, and watering sufficiently.

   After that, they were allowed to grow their own plants using materials and containers taken from their houses.

   When the activity was done, they all took their plants back home for further caring and studying plants’ growth.

   This event was held on July 25, 2020 at both temporary shelters in Mae Hong Son’s Sob Moei District. At Ban Mae La Oon temporary shelter, there were 118 youth participants, comprising 77 female and 41 male. At Ban Mae La Ma Luang temporary shelter, there were 111 youth participants, comprising 69 female and 42 male.