COERR Mae Sarieng and Mae Hong Son Promoted “Growing Mung Bean Sprouts
in Basket leading to Future Earnings”

   COERR Mae Sarieng promoted children and youth in Temporary Shelters to join the project “Growing Mung Bean Sprouts in Basket” which can supplement food as well as become future earnings.

   Growing Mung Bean Sprouts can provide life skills for chlldren and youth in capability about planting; i.e. to observe the process of seed germination, how beans develop into bean sprouts; in addition, these participants took bean sprouts to go home with them so that they could take care, water, watch them grow and eat them later.

   This project is also COERR’s effort to promote young people to participate in learning activities proper for their age to enable them to grow up and live their life as beneficial and productive members of their society.

   The bean sprout growing activities was organized in Ban Mae Lama Luang Temporary Shelter on May 23, 2020, in which 103 participants of 68 female and 35 male attended; and in Ban Mae La Oon Temporary Shelter, in Mae Hong Son Province’s Sob Moei District, in which 93 participants of 61 female and 32 male attended.

   COERR Mae Hong Son also organized Bean Sprout Growing for the extremely vulnerable persons during April-June 2020. The activity held in Ban Mae Surin, Mae Hong Son’s Khun Yuam District, started since April and had 9 beneficiaries, in May had 21 beneficieries and in June had 23 beneficiaries, while in Ban Mai Nai Soi Shelter, Mae Hong Son’s Muang District started this activity in June and had 8 beneficiaries.