COERR Kanchanaburi Promote Active Elders in Making Face Mask to Prevent COVID-19

   As it appears that elderly people are vulnerable to becoming infected with the Corona Virus disease (COVID-19), and that one way to prevent COVID-19 from spreading was to wear face mask, COERR Kanchanaburi then organized activities for the elderly displaced persons in both Temporary Shelters to make face masks for their own protection.

   The events were organized in Ban Don Yang Temporary Shelter in Kanchanaburi Province on May 14-15, 2020, in which 56 elderly of 42 female and 14 male participated; and in Ban Tham Hin Temporary Shelter in Ratchaburi Province on May 20-21, 2020 in which 30 elderly of 24 female and 6 male participated.

   These activities have enabled elderly to have an opportunity to produce handmade face masks for their own benefit, which not only protect themselves from the disease but also make them a capable, self-help role model, for their family members and for their community to be proud of and follow.

Handmade Cloth Mask made by the elderly