COERR Mae Sarieng Support Musical Activities to Promote Children and Youth Development

   COERR have been supporting the child and youth development through provision of education materials for Child Friendly Spaces and Vulnerable Students in Boarding Houses in all Temporary Shelters. Musical activities are also found as beneficial factors as music promotes brain growth, language as well as Maths skills. Music also increased coordination of ears, eyes, small and large muscles at the same time. Playing music leads to relax, relieves stress and tension, promotes creativity, exercises the brain, promote memory, attention and concentration, which should lead to more attention to education.

   In May 2020, COERR Mae Sarieng distributed musical instrument to children and youth in Boarding Houses with aims to encourage them in music engagement that may lead to their interest and attention to further education.

   Eleven sets of musical instrument were distributed to 11 Boarding Houses in 2 Shelters in Mae Hong Son’s Sob Moei District: 5 boarding houses with 106 vulberable student beneficiaries are located in Ban Mae La Oon Temporary Shelter and 6 boarding houses with 77 student beneficiaries are located in Ban Mae Lama Luang Temporary Shelter. Each musical instrument set consisted of 2 guitars, 1 tuner and 1 egg shaker hand percussion instrument.