COERR Implemented Corona Virus Prevention Measures in the Temporary Shelters for Displaced Persons

   COERR has been working closely with government and private sectors in tracking corona virus situation and mplementing necessary measures to prevent the spreading of the outbreak.In this regard, Poster of Instructions for Proper Hand Washing Technique to Prevent Corona Virus was published in Burmese language by COERR and circulated for public awareness in all 9 Temporary Shelters.

   During March 2020, COERR organized Community-based staff meeting in all Temporary Shelters for information sharing about Corona Virus prevention and response through program planning in effort to have staff implement all activities under secured measures and policy. Integration of activities was made in each visit.

   In April, video conference between Program Staff and Community-based staff were held, in some Temporary Shelters where access were limited and social distancing were strictly practiced to ensure that all activities would be continued under tight security: Limited number of participants in Social Work meeting, Youth meeting, Peace meeting, and also limited participants in each activity to avoid crowded atmosphere. The Child Friendly Spaces in all Shelters were opened and children were allowed to enter, learn and play in appropriate number for each period of time. They were taught how to wash their hands as frequently as necessary, brush their teeth daily and always wear face masks.

   The Home Visits to EVEs in April were paid, in which EVIs received instructions for Corona Virus prevention, 2 face masks and a bar of soap were distributed to each individual vulnerable elder and 2 face masks to each child, to keep them safe in this time of pandemic. Social distancing was observed throughout each visit. The elderly people were visited and advised about good hand hygiene and good respiratory hygiene to protect themselves from the virus.

Poster Instructions for Proper Hand Washing to Prevent Corona Virus COVID-19

Poster about “How to Prevent Corona Virus from Spreading”

   Meeting and demonstration for Ban Mae La, Ban Umpiem and Ban Nupo staff, in Tak Province, how to wash their hands properly, with soap and water, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In was also recommended that where soap and water were not available, the next best option was to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Meeting about Situation and Demonstration about hand washing at Ban Umpiem.

   At the meeting held in April 2020, Social Distancing Meeting were held in shelters. For example, COERR Mae Hong Son staff practiced social distancing to keep space between each other which is the best way to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

   Throughout March-April 2020, COERR organized Corona Virus Prevention Instructions activities for the vulnerable groups, e.g. children visiting the Child Friendly Spaces. Proper hand washing, face mask wearing and social distancing as life-saving measures, were generally practiced.

Teaching Hygiene for children In Ban Don Yang and Ban Tham Hin

   COERR provided soap and sanitizing gel to be used at each Screening Point at the entrance of 9 temporary shelters. COERR also installed washbasin for hand washing at the entrance of COERR Social Service Centers and Child Friendly Spaces in all 9 shelters.

Home visit to EVIs in April, focusing on information sharing about COVID-19 prevention and distribution of face mask
and soap to the Vulnerables in Ban Mae La and Ban Nupo, Tak

COERR Kanchanaburi distributed face masks at Ban Don Yang in Kanchanaburi Province and
Ban Tham Hin in Ratchaburi Province