COERR Kanchanaburi organized workshop for camp-based staff and visit livelihood groups

   In February 2019, COERR Kanchanaburi organized workshop for COERR camp based refugee staff in Tham Hin and Ban Dong Yang refugee camps on animal bank and cooperatives concept. COERR staff also visited several livelihood groups that have been supported by EC-AUP project since 2017.

Homevisit to various Livelihood Groups such as the broom making group which set up at Ban Don Yan camp since 2017.
This group has become self supporting which COERR helps in marketing outside the camp.


   Visiting the MB group which set up since 2017 to raise fish. Later, they changed to raised pigs to get more income. The income from selling pigs enabled them to buy an ice shaving machine and open a shaved ice shop in addition to pig raising. This group is taken as a role model for successful livelihood program.


“Love Shop” group sells rice and many other items. This group request COERR to supply some needy items
in order to reduce cost and earn more income.