COERR Mae Sot Organized Scouting for Refugee Children and Youth

   COERR Mae Sot organized scouting programs for refugee children and youth to promote survival skills, physical as well as spiritual development, during February-March 2019. The first program was held during February 28-March 2, for children and youth refugees in Ban Nupo numbering 60, of 33 girls and 27 boys. The second was held during March 6-8 for refugees in Ban Mae La numbering 64 of 38 girls and 26 boys.

   This training aims to encourage children and youth to conduct activities with commitment, discipline, awareness, teamwork, and willing to work to reach their potentials in order to acquire good experience. Such activities included first aid in emergency situations, e.g. injures, burns, etc.; learning about danger of drug addiction and how to avoid this bad habit.

   The training was successfully organized by professional trainers and assistants who had been trained before and would like to help and transfer their experience to the youngers while they acquired leadership skills.

Nupo refugee youth numbering 60 attended the Scout Training held at the Border Patrol Police Company 344
in Umpang District, Tak Province during February 28-March 2, 2019







Mae La youth refugees numbering 64 attending Scouting at Border Patrol Police Company
in Tha Song Yang District, Tak Provnce


Among 9 Survival Activities: 5 during the day and 4 during the night
Daytime Adventure Activity for Survival Skills : Beneath the barbwire




Second Activity: The Big Wall


Third Activity: Rope bridge


Fourth Activity: Rappelling


Night Activity

Touch to feel what it is inside the bucket


Listening Skills


Smelling 5 things and Tell what they are

Memorizing skills

Scouting Atmosphere