COERR Mae Sot Organized the Traditional Roof Thatching: From Leaves to Roof Training

   Roof thatching is one of traditional way of life and a legacy derived for a long time through generations. Dry leaves of the similar or same size are densely packed together in layer manner which prevent sunshine and rain for a few years.

   COERR wishes to raise the refugees’ awareness about the traditional skills of roof thatching. Therefore a training was held on February 23, 2019, at COERR Social Service Center in Ban Nupo camp, Tak Province with 50 refugees consisting of 36 female and 14 male attended. The purpose of the training is to preserve the traditional wisdom of roof thatching skills to younger generations as well as to enable them to use this skill to earn for their living. After the training, these products will be used by the volunteer youth in the community service activities such as house repair for the vulnerable elderly refugees who are not able to help themselves.

   Moreover, this is the environmental preservation activity that bring youth to be closed to the nature by learning that plants, especially thatch, have multipurpose use and take part in the community living for a long time. COERR organized this training 10 days before a big fire happened in Ban Nupo camp on March 4. Therefore, the skills in thatching should benefit for refugees who need to repair their houses and for community to render this service to help the victims as well.