COERR Mae Hong Son Organized Training in Cooperatives and Animal Bank

   On February 22, 2019, COERR Mae Hong Son organized the training of trainer for camp-based refugee staff in Ban Mae Surin camp in Mae Hong Son Province’s Khun Yuam District. The training topics include livelihood activities in 2019; record of seeds and tools distribution; update of inventory records of seeds and tools; rules and principles in setting up a cooperatives and an animal bank; roles and responsibilities of the committee of the cooperative and animal bank, etc.

   In addition, COERR also held the farmer and livelihood groups’ follow-up meetings on February 13 and 20 at Ban Mae Surin camp and on February 14 and 21, at Ban Mai Nai Soi in Mae Hong Son’s Muang District, in which topics discussed were about promoting agricultural production in this year which best suits the local physical environment and meet consumer demand.

Conducting trainings on co-op concept for refugee farmers, livelihood committee and camp-based refugee staff



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Farmers’ Meeting on February 13, 2019 at Ban Mae Surin camp



Livelihood meeting about product and quality development leading to competitive advantage
with Ban Mae Surin’s camp-based refugee staff on February 20, 2019


Camp-based refugee staff meeting on February 13 and Farmers’ Meeting on February 14 at Ban Mai Nai Soi camp



On February 21, 2019 a meeting held at Ban Mai Nai Soi camp about the animal bank and agricultural learning center