COERR Mae Sarieng Organized the Waste Management Volunteer Program

   Ban Mae Lama Luang and Ban Mae La Oon are located in Mae Hong Son’s Sob Moei District. These camps are crowded by refugees living and throwing waste every day. There are also garbage in public areas such as along the roadside, along the waterway banks and also in the waterway.

   In order to convince the refugees of significant role in keeping their camps clean and hygienic, COERR see it necessary to raise awareness of youth as well as adults to become responsible members in waste management, especially in the public areas.

   COERR took this opportunity to explain to the children and youth participants in waste management and environmental protection. They were told that without proper management, garbage will make the community dirty, have unpleasant look, and cause illness. As the community dwellers, they should be able to help the camp clean.

   Then, COERR distributed tools and supplies to collect garbage for disposal and to work together with the children.

   After the activity was done, children expressed their opinion that they felt proud of themselves for being a part of the teamwork that make their community cleaner. They become aware of their contribution to their community and become more patient as well.

   The activities were organized on February 16, 2019. There were114 participants in Mae La Oon camp, consisting of 68 female and 44 male; while there were 109 participants in Mae Lama Luang camp, comprising 58 female and 51 male.