COERR Mae Sot Organized Training in Homemade Shampoo Production for Elderly Refugees’ Self Help

   As price of household products have been increasing, COERR considered it helpful if vulnerable refugees, especially the elderly, learned and made some products, such as shampoo for their healthy scalp in order to reduce their expenditures in the long run.

   Bergamot, which is considered good, in keeping scalp and hair healthy, and easy to find, was used as raw material in the homemade Shampoo Production Training, organized by COERR Mae Sod to have these elderly refugees in Ban Nupo camp learn how to make natural shampoo for their own use.

   They were also expected to share this knowledge and skills with their family members so that they could produce shampoo for household use to save money, to have the surplus from production for sale to generate some income and, to possess the skills that might be used as income generation career when they return to home country.

   The training has promoted the elderly to gain knowledge about health care, healthy scalp and healthier hair with the use of natural homemade shampoo. This activity also drew elderly to gather in group to learn how to produce bergamot shampoo, be proud of their capability as a productive member of their family and community, to enjoy friendship meeting among each other and have a good time of fun while working as a team.

   This shampoo making training for elderly was organized in Ban Nupo camp in Tak Province on July 12, 2018, having 43 elderly attend, including 33 female and 10 male.