COERR Mae Hong Son Supports Youth-led Community Activities in Camps

Throughout the year 2015, COERR supported activities for refugee youth in all 9 camps as a part of peace building. COERR Mae Hong Son, in particulars, has promoted the Youth-led Community Activity organized in both Ban Mai Nai Soi and Ban Mae Surin camps.

Among the outstanding activities of the Youth Club is the publishing of Quarterly Newsletter “Youth Voice” as media between youth and their community, in which the contents are poem, articles, short novel, quotes, proverbs, short English learning and comic.

Moreover, there were cultural activities like the TalentShow for youth who posses talented skills to have their opportunity to express; while the much bigger numbers of people can take part in the greater activity like sports and games competition.

In December, the youth group members gathered and reviewed their success and lessons learned in order to plan for the next year.

At the year end, the youth group organized activities for bigger participation like sports and games competitions, football, volleyball, caneball and badminton, talent shows, debate, public speaking, singing, and finally traditional performance.

In December activities initiated by Youth such as “Youth Happy Day” had 56 direct youth who participated in the activities and sport competition and drew the attention of about 500 audience from the community. Sports and games competition helped young people to be involved in the positive activities that kept body and mind healthy, and also as an effort by all parts concerned to see their children grow in the positive environment

School Break Activity - Football Match for Youth at Ban Mai Nai Soi camp organized by Youth Club durting December 25-31, 2015

Cultural Performance like traditional dance and Talent Show, brought youth to be closer to the community and their elders who taught and transferred the skills to the youth.

Traditional Dance

Talent Show

All these year-end activities were aimed at promoting children and youth’s capability and talent, preserve Karenni tradition and joint working among the old and new generation.