COERR organized TOT Training on Organic Agriculture under Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Project

COERR Mae Hong Son organized TOT Training on Organic Agriculture under the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Ban Mae Surin camp during 12-16 and 26-30 January 2015. There are 20 farmers (7 female and 13 male) participating in the training. A set of gardening tools like hoe, rake and watering pot, is giving to each trained farmer.

During February 26-27, COERR Agricultural Consultant visited the trained TOT to evaluate the knowledge of the trainees. Then discussion and further planning was made.

In March, training about animal raising was conducted for 10 TOT trainees who gathered in 10 groups: 4 in Ban Mae Surin and 6 in Ban Mai Nai Soi. Among them, 9 groups are interested in raising pigs and only 1 group want to raise fish. Animal raising activities started in March 2015.

COERR Mae Sariang held the TOT training in Ban Mae Lama Luang during January 6-9, 12-15 and 20-21 for 23 trainees. Seeds were provided for cultivation at home. In February, 10 groups were set up, 5 in Mae La Oon camp and 5 in Mae Lama Luang camp, to raise animals like pigs, fish and frogs.

COERR Mae Sod organized TOT training in Umpiem camp on February 10-11 and in Mae La camp on February 12-13. The TOT training is consisting of organic planting, seed selection and propagation, soil nurturing, disease control, animal husbandry, etc. Water system is installed in Ban Mae La to cover agriculture area. In March, various kinds of vegetables were harvested. The farmers realized that the training course they joined was proved as beneficial and useful for their future repatriation.

Water system installed during March 20-25, 2015 in 2 areas in Mae La camp to cover about 9,600 square meters area of farming

In Mae La camp, there are many income generating activities for farmers to choose, including mushroom growing; goat, rabbit, fish and frog raising. Pig breeding is promoted in order to distribute piglets to farmers in the program for their farming and income generation.

Tools given to farmers are recorded

Farm visit by COERR agriculture officer and training on cultivation techniques were conducted in March such as training about growing vegetables in small space like in sack, growing vegetables that need less water, etc.

Water system installed in Ban Umpiem made it possible for demonstration farming operated by 10 farmers. It is expected to have more farmers joining the program.

Water system installed and land prepared for agriculture by 11 farmers in Ban Nupho Camp

COERR Kanchanaburi distributed gardening tools and promoted animal raising such as hens, ducks, fish and frogs, etc. to the trained farmers for livelihood purposes.