School Break Activities for Refugee Youth in Mae Sariang Camp (April-May 2015)

During school break, COERR Mae Sariang in coordination with Refugee Camp Committee organized Community services, volunteering and Moral Support Activities for refugee youth. In April, COERR Community Service Workers, Camp Committee surveyed the vulnerable refugees whose houses are in bad situation and then invited youth in Ban Mae La Oon and Ban Mae Lama Luang camp to spend their time on visiting the vulnerable refugees and help repairing their houses and toilets. There were 104 youth in Mae La Oon camp and 126 in Mae Lama Luang who joined the volunteering service. The activity enables young refugees to learn about construction and repair work and helping others who are in need of help.

Youth Repairing Houses and building toilets for vulnerable refugees in their communities

On May 16, 2015, the Youth Volunteering for camp cleanliness did the garbage collecting and sweeping along roadway and drain. There were 91 youth (63 female and 28 male) in Mae Lama Luang and 149 youth (90 female and 59 male) in Ban Mae La Oon camp, who have become aware that they are parts of community and have contributed to make their community clean and healthy for living.