COERR Kanchanaburi Promotes Livelihood Program in Tham Hin Camp

It has been years, since the Livelihood Program has been initiated by COERR and refugees in 9 camps, in an effort to provide – skills on organic vegetable gardening and food production along with various income-generating activities in order to strengthen refugee youth and vulnerable groups in particulars.

COERR Kanchanaburi also promotes the activities of these youth in cultivation and animal raising for better nutrition and income. Related trainings offered to refugees during January-August are home accounting, meeting recording, production process, cost and profit, packaging, business management, shop management and services, rules and regulations, work planning, etc. Visits to follow up and give advice to the livelihood groups have been conducted regularly.

To promote the program and activities among refugees, the Livelihood Fair was organized on July 29, 2015, in Tham Hin Camp, to enable livelihood groups to exhibit their work and sell their products for income generation. Livelihood groups participating at the Fair comprised organic farming; T-shirt Screening whose work have been ordered by schools and organizations; picture frame making, perfume making, crispy banana making, soap, shampoo and washing solution making, candle making, etc. Youth are interested and eager to make their activities known to the public. Moreover their works have been admired by many parties visiting the Fair and buying products. The event was successfully carried out at Tham Hin camp.

After the Livelihood Fair Event, staff continued to visit farms and groups to provide support and advice for product improvement and beautiful product packaging.

Livelihood Fair and Exhibition at Tham Hin Camp Offers Various Farm Products and Home Industry Activities Implemented by Refugee Youth Groups

Farm Products on Exhibition and Sale

Washing Liquid Making

Broom making and T-shirt Screening