COERR Kanchanaburi Promote the Livelihood Program for Refugees’ Income Generation

December 5th is H.M. the King’s Birthday and also the National Father’s Day. Ban Don Yang and Ban Tham Hin refugee camp organized the celebrated ceremony on December 3rd and 5th, respectively, with many refugees participating.

COERR Kanchanaburi and the refugees in the Livelihood Program took this opportunity to organize the Livelihood Fair to introduce the program to public. The whole day long exhibition allows refugees in the program to present their products for the audience to see, learn and buy these household products, such as candles, soap, washing dish, brooms, vegetables, fish, clothing, etc.

Some products were sold out before the closing time while some small numbers of products still remained at the end of the day. This Livelihood program is successful because it aims at enabling refugees to strengthen their self-reliance through food production skills, organic vegetable gardening and livelihood skills. The Livelihood Fair organized in the good occasion made refugees in the program proud of their capacity which generated income for their family.