COERR Mae Sot Organized the TOT in Agricuture

COERR Mae Sot organized several training for trainers in agriculture in Mae La, Umpiem and Nupo camps in Tak Province in October. All farmer participants paid good attention, asked questions for understanding and took note for further use. The curriculum included the following topics: Ecology; structure of plant; soil; weather and climate; plant nutrient elements; meaning and principles of organic farming; soil treatment; pest control and repellent; water management; organic animal raising; and transition process into organic farming system.

Camp Training Season Number of Participants
Session one Session Two
  Mae La October 12-16 October 19-22 and 26 30
  Umpiem October 5-9 October 19-23 25
  Nupo October 12-16 October 26-30 20

Contents of the training in November were: Review of former lessons; modern organic farming to suit the community; making organic fertilizers using available resources from the community; producing pest repellent; dividing land into portions and making most efficient use of each portion; how to make household accounting to show farmers’ cost and expenses.

พื้นที่พักพิงฯ Training Season Number of Participants
  Mae La November 2-6 36

November 2-6

  November 9-10 10

This training for 15 trained farmers who intended to learn more about farming, analyzing and collecting community data and farmer school system.

A training for the old and new farmers focusing on practising planting from the start : Soil preparation, seed sowing and germination, transplanting seedling in the plot and further caring. More training given were composting; making soap, washing liquid and herbal inhaler for elderly, etc.

Training in October

Training in November