COERR Mae Sod Promotes Organic Farming in Refugee Camps

COERR has promoted the organic agriculture to support the sustainable farming which enable refugees to produce food by themselves. The Comprehensive Training of Trainers Program has been designed to help refugees to become skilled trainers in farming which can help them and their community to become self-reliant when and where they return.

The TOT program provides comprehensive theory and practice in organic and integrated farming. In December, COERRR visited the farm and provide technical advice and found that assistance and sharing of information as well as opinion among the former trained groups and the new trainees had been strengthened.

Some of them started animals raising like pigs and goats raising

Land allocated for farming in which production was for farmers’ consumption

A visit to provide advice to the former refugee trainee who wanted to do their own farming at home for family consumption

Visit household with animal raising farm

A Visit to the organic rice fields which appplied the transplanting rice culture. The produces from the harvest were partly selected and kept for next planting season while the rest was for consumption.