COERR Mae Sariang Promote the Youth Dialogue “I Can Make The World Better”

As youth play an important role in every society, their self-awareness and contribution to the society is necessary. COERR Mae Sariang and refugee committee concernก see it important to provide a youth dialogue forum in which they have an opportunity to learn how to contribute to their community under the topic “I can make the world better”.

This activity was organized on May 13th for 47 youth in Ban Mae La Oon and May 14th for 30 youth in Ban Lama Luang camps.

Three lessons were made, started with “Self-exploration”, in which youth introduced themselves and their wishes for the future. Their most favorite careers are teacher, doctor, soldier, catechist, driver, farmer, respectively. Their interesting conclusion of this session was: the present is foundation of the future. To build the good and strong foundation, youth should make their current duty of being good children of their parents and good students who pay attention to education.

The second lesson was “Community Exploration”, in which they were assigned to brainstorm and present what good community is and what to do to make such a community. In their opinions: A good community should have good technology and utility. It should also be safe and clean. The conclusion was that youth should take good care of community and help each other, keep the environment clean and make the community safety through checking and watching to prevent crimes, etc.

The last session was how to achieve the goal: “I can Make the World Better”, in which youth were challenged by the objective of the program that as each individual youth has the same quality of one brain and two hands in common, how they can make a better community and better world. They come out with the ideas that to achieve the goal, there is a need to have a plan then one has to follow that plan in order to achieve a goal, and if they work together, things should be much better.

Youth Dialogue in Mae La Oon camp

Youth Dialogue in Mae Lama Luang camp