COERR Mae Sot Support Refugee Youth Role Model for Community Activities in November

Throughout November 2015, COERR and Umpiem Youth Club’s 23 members organized the Child Protection Referral System Campaign by means of roleplay and discussion about what are duties and responsibilities of children towards the community, what are right and what are wrong, and how to protect themselves from harm in daily living, etc. Throughout November, 5 events had been organized and 268 children participated. Feedback from children as well as teachers showed that the activities were useful and should continue to cover more children.

Later on Saturday, November 14, youth numbering 47 participated in the Saturday activity of making herbal inhaler for benefits: as income generation and helping the elderly.

Youth in Ban Nupo camp organized the clean-up day to clean temple and church in their community on November 7, 14 and 21, 2015.

Youth Community Activity on November 18 was to show the elderly how to wash their hands in the proper way for healthcare.

On November 27, children and youth paid home visit to offer care and moral support through conversation, food and gifts, and house cleaning.