COERR MHS Support Ban Mai Nai Soi Youth Club

COERR supports Ban Mai Nai Soi camp’s Youth club activities in 2015. There was a Youth Club Meeting on Saturday, March 21, 2015 in which 15 youth met and discuss about the interesting topics: Finalizing the newsletter for volume 2, organizing the drawing competition activities in April and youth initiated activity by Youth Club.

Finalizing the newsletter for volume 2 was done in the following 8 topics: Poem, Article, Short novel, The forming of BMN Youth Club, Quotes, Proverbs, Short English Learning and Comic. Each topic was responsible by different members in line with their talent and ability. Content of each topic had been discussed and edited at the meeting prior to publication.

The next agenda was the Drawing Competition activity to be held on April 25, 2015 for 100 children and Youth at COERR office.

The last agenda was the Community Activity Initiated by Youth Club which the members have agreed that they would like to organize the football tournament among the CBOs in the community under the name of the Match “Championship Football Cup”. Expected target group was all CBOs in the camp in which players were not over 25 years old. Time of the activities should be in June 2015.