Scouting Training Activity for Refugee Youth’s Life Skills Development

COERR cooperated with the Government and Private sectors in organizing scouting activities in several refugee communities during November-December 2014. In Mae Hong Son Province, scouting training was organized between 27 and 29 November 2014. The activity was organized at Border Patrol Police Company 336, Muang district of Mae Hong Son Province for 35 youth representatives: 20 from Ban Mai Nai Soi camp and 15 from Ban Mae Surin camp. Objectives of the training were reached such as children have learned a lot of life skills i.e. teamwork, leadership and disciplinary, at the same time children have built volunteer and social spirit throughout the games and activities, appreciate the King’s projects as a learning subject about environmental conservation.

Open ceremony by Camp commander and UNHCR representative

Ice breaking activities

Disciplinary exercise, social characters and ethics

Learning Base