COERR Promote Volunteering Spirit Activities for Elderly Refugees in Ban Umpiem Camp

COERR in cooperation with the Youth Club in Ban Umpiem camp promoted volunteering spirit activity amongst the youth in Ban Umpiem camp on October 11, 2014. Children and youth numbering 42 learned how to make the Soy Bean Juice Drink and offered them to the elderly who live in their section. This knowhow can become their way of income generation in the future as well. COERR refugee workers also provide awareness raising about value of sharing for others’ benefit before demonstrating soy bean juice making. All youth trainees learned step by step knowhow in making juice from soy bean: squeezing bean, boiling juice, and pouring juice in plastic bags, then offering juice to elderly in their community as food supplement.

Later on October 13, a training was organized for elderly to maintain their health during the changing season from the rainy season to the cold season in which many elder easily get a cold. Exercising as well as having warm drinks and putting their feet in the warm water would keep their body warm and healthy. More exercises were trained to enable their finger muscle flexible and reduce back pain. In addition, COERR agricultural staff also taught about beansprout cultivation in which elderly learn with interest and bring home for food supplement.

In November, 24 elderly were trained in keeping healthy during changing weather, such as knowledge about preventing cold by wearing sweater and drinking warm water. Moreover, they practiced finger muscle exercise for flexibility, exercised to relieve back pain, used rubber bands for stretching and used baton for body stretching and flexibility.

In December, 28 elderly attended a training for epidemic prevention such as dengue fever, diarrhea, malaria, hypertension prevention, knee joint pain relief,wearing sweater and drinking warm water to keep body warm, practicing baton exercise, etc.