School Break Activities by Youth with Volunteer Spirit at Ban Umpiem Refugee Camp

With the effort to promote volunteer spirit among youth, COERR together with the Umpiem Camp Committee and Youth Club have initiated the road improvement program implemented by 200 youth, as part of the school break activities and community work.

The activity was carried out on April 11, 2014, in which youth, camp committee, community members and COERR staff met at 9.00 A.M. for registering, receiving COERR’s caps and soil digging tools, sacks, etc.

Then road improvement started with youth digging and gathering soil sacks while adults, including camp committee, community members and COERR’s refugee staff, fixing posts as fence along the roadside and filling with soil sacks to stabilize and prevent erosion. It took half day of full coordination and cooperation among youth and adults to get the work done.

Seeing community people use this newly repaired road make these youth proud of their contribution and volunteering work.

Youth Spent their School Break to Do Public Activity in Road Improvement at Umpiem Camp on April 11, 2014