COERR Mae Sot Visit Environmentally-Friendly Schools and Houses

In the past months COERR Mae Sot Staff and Environmental Consultant together with refugee staff paid several visits to schools and household under the “Environmentally-friendly Schools and Houses Program” in Mae La camp. Follow up was made to the progress in environmental awareness and responsibility in schools as well as to provide further knowledge, understanding about cleanliness and hygiene among refugees in the program. During these visits, schools and household reported their progress in Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Therefore, they received advice for further practice including household cleanliness equipment such as grass brooms for floor cleaning and hard brooms for ground sweeping, garbage bags, hoes, spades, rakes, watering cans, etc. These items of equipment should enable them to continue to keep their houses clean, while selling recyclable materials have generated income for them as well.

These visits is the follow-up of the “Waste Management training for refugees” which had been organized in July to raise awareness of household and shops in keeping their environment clean and make good practice of reduce, reuse and recycle to keep their community and environment healthy.

Training and distribution of cleaning tools for household and shops

Awareness Raising Training in schools