COERR Mae Sot Promotes Cultural Activities and Volunteering for Peace in Ban Umpiem Camp

COERR Mae Sot and the Peace Committee in Ban Umpiem Camp, Poppra District Tak Province, promote various activities for peace building. A meeting workshop was arranged in which COERR’s Healing of Memory and Reconciliation (HOM) provided knowledge in healthcare, e.g. prevention of common sickness such as Malaria, Dengue Fever and Diarrhea; and physical exercise which benefit circulatory system for elderly. The program also promoted awareness raising in public volunteering spirit among community members, including youth groups, through the home visit to elderly and sick people in their neighborhood.

During the visit youth learned about caring each other, especially the vulnerable elderly, understanding and encouraging the sick and weak elderly while staff followed up the living condition and needs of elderly for further assistance. Youth visitors, who gained their experience in caring for others, are expected to contribute to community strengthening in the future.

Healthcare training in August as part of the Cultural Activities for Elderly in Umpiem camp

COERR and the Peace Committee were seen discussing about the Building Up of Volunteer and Community Spirits to assist the vulnerable elderly and the sick on August 15, 2014

Home visit to the sick and elderly for moral support, healthcare and physical exercise training