Livelihood Skills Training in Ban Mae Surin Camp

In July COERR Mae Hong Son offered several livelihood training such as soap making for refugees to learn about methodology which will enable them to produce such products for consumption, sale as well as to apply the skills for further use.

Soap making course provided skills, techniques and process, including calculation of formula for capability in further modification of products. Mixture of five main ingredients consisting of water, palm oil, coconut oil, fragrance and caustic soda at 40 degree celsius were poured into the mould and dry for a week before packaging for sale.

Soap made from coconut oil under the Livelihood Program for Self-Reliance in Ban Mae Surin Camp, Mae Hong Son Province

Weaving Course Training The fabric production training by using looms was offered in which trainer use techniques to make different designs. To start from yarn spinning till the end of the process in which a piece of cloth is finished. It is expected that members of the livelihood program will be able to transfer these knowledge to others in the future.

The product of the 6 metre-cloth (in 2 folds) that will be used to make clothes for sale

Screen printing This DIY screen printing course was introduced to provide basic skills in livelihood and income generation for refugees, using easy process.

Recording material to be used.

Place masking tape to fix the plywood and prevent ink leaking

Place a frame on top of the t-shirt, fixed on plywood

Apply ink through the mesh frame using squeegee to screen print the design

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