COERR Celebrated the Elderly Day in Refugee Camps and Thai Border Communities during April – May 2014, to convince the communities of their elderly’s values.

COERR Mae Hong Son organized the Elderly Day event in Ban Mai Nai Soi camp on April 3 - 4, and Ban Mae Surin on April 8, 2014, to enable refugee community to pay respect to elderly as the senior citizens transferring their good experience to benefit the younger generation. Activities during these events were water blessing, praying and wishing the elderly to be healthy and have longlife, in order to be good model for the younger. There were 78 elderly participants in Ban Mai Nai Soi and 229 in Ban Mae Surin camps, Mae Hong Son Province.

COERR Mae Sariang celebrated the Elderly Day on April 23rd and 24th at Ban Mae Lama Luang and Ban Mae La Oon camps in Mae Sariang District of Mae Hong Son Province, in coordination with the youth groups and the peace volunteer groups in these camps. Highlights of the events were water blessing and entertainment and exercise activity for health, then nail and hair cut for elderly participants and eventually singing for the elderly long life. Youth Volunteers for Peace and Youth Groups in the camps played an important part in preparing and running the activities to make the events run smoothly which showed benefits of working together for peace and unity building.

Elderly Day at Ban Nupo COERR Mae Sot and 2 concern organizations in Nupo Refugee camp, Umpang District, Tak Province, celebrated the Elderly Day on April 3, 2014 with traditional ceremony which brought spiritual support for the elderly and to maintain the tradition and culture in which elderly disseminated to the younger generations. 200 refugees joined this celebration.

The Elderly’s value was recognized and celebrated by Umpiem Camp community on April 8, 2014 in which elderly had an opportunity to share their experience of hardworking. Youth had words of praise, songs to sing and consumable supplies as presents to offer to their elders in addition to the water blessing. Approximately 200 refugees participated in this cultural and preservation event.

Elderly Day at Mae La Camp On April 11, 2014, COERR Mae Sod and 400 refugees in Mae La Camp, celebrated the Elderly Day in which several activities were organized including “Thought” forum among Elderly on “How to live happily in the peaceful community”. Healing of Memory and Reconciliation Program initiated by COERR is an effort to lay a foundation for peace building, community strengthening to enable people in community to realize the value of living together in harmony and unity.

ELDERLY DAY at Ban Tham Hin and Ban Don Yang Camps COERR Kanchanaburi celebrated the Elderly Day with 130 refugees in Ban Tham Hin camp, Suan Phueng district, Ratchaburi Province and in Ban Don Yang camp, Sangkhlaburi District, Kanchanaburi Province, with 70 refugee participants, on May 16 and 22, respectively.

COERR Aranyaprathet Office in coordination with Local Communities and Hospitals in Aranyaprathet and Tapraya Districts, Sakaew Province, organized the Elderly Day Ceremonies including the traditional water blessing, followed by health check-up. Elderly from different communities had opportunity to exchange their view and tradition as well as cultural presentation during the events. April 13 Kud Hin Village, Aranyaprathet District 150 April 19 Ban Sangae, Ban Koke Jaeng, Ban Jiang Dam, Ban Thap Seri, Tapraya district In coordination with 3 community hospitals in Ban Sangae, Koke Makok and Koke Jaeng. 200

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