Career Guidance Activities for Mae La Refugee Students

On March 21, 2014, COERR Mae Sod and Mae La Refugee Camp organized the Career Guidance Activity class in which 53 students, including 18 boys and 35 girls attending. This activity has an aim to introduce students how to become good at any occupation in the future through skills, qualifications and tips that should lead youth to the required occupation.

Two significant careers for youth to know and realize are physician and teaching careers.

A refugee physician introduced the class about the duty and responsibilties of the physician as follows:

A physician diagnoses and treats patients, prescribes medication and provides medical consultation to the patients.

Students who desire to be physicians should be good at Science, Math, English and Biology, possesses healthy and strong body and mentality, have positive attitude to patients and dedication; perform regular hygienic practices, such as exercise 3 times a week, sleep 7-8 hours a day, take clean food and drinks, do not drink alcohol and keep their body clean.

Next is a refugee teacher who explains that a teacher’s role is to teach students with efficiency; provide moral and ethic concept as well as rules and principles; be punctual to class and teach full time, and equip oneself with new knowledge all the time.

Students who want to become teachers have to be students with good results, have courage in expression and keep on developing themselves, have good behavior, have dedication and can be a good role model to others.