COERR Mae Sod organized the Dialogue Seminar Course with Children
and Youth Refugees in August 2014

Children and youth are the future of the community and to hear from the voice of the future would be helpful. COERR Mae Sod’s Social Work Program then arranged the Dialogue Seminar Course focusing on children and youth, aged 13-18, staying in boarding houses or relatives’ houses, numbering 63. The Dialogue was arranged on August 15, in Ban Mae La Camp with 25 participants, and Ban Umpiem Camp with 22 participants and on August 21, at Ban Nupho camp with 16 participants. The dialogue would serve as a reflection of children and youth’s opinion and interest while create friendship from brainstorming activities and discussion.

From the dialogue, it was found out that activities children and youth were involved after school hours were cleaning and cooking, raising pigs, growing vegetables, teaching children, playing sports such as football, volley ball, takraw and playing music such as violin and guitar.

Regarding interest and participating in various activities, they have shown their willingness and eager in sharing their opinion about how they like such as freedom in learning, living, healthcare, hobby and playing. However, they prefer using their leisure with some training and livelihood activities such as cooking, fish and pig raising, kitchen gardening, candle and soap making, etc. They suggested the act of saving to make it possible to own a shop in the future. Meanwhile, they also suggested that community members and NGOs take care of the vulnerable people, prevent the use of drugs and alcohol for the betterment of the society.

The last brainstorming were about their future career whether in camps, homeland or in the third countries were teacher, doctor, soldier, scientist, good and honest leader and popular actor.

It has been aimed that the participants should learn more or less about way of living and transfer of their dialogue process to their friends and younger community members.