COERR Mae Sariang Promotes Youth Volunteer Group Activities for the Vulnerable and Community

During school vacation in March 2014, COERR Mae Sariang and Refugee Committee took the opportunity to have students join the volunteering activities for their communities. 200 students in Ban Mae Lama Luang and another 200 in Ban Mae La Oon Camp build and repair 8 houses with toilets i.e. 3 in Mae Lama Luang and 5 in Mae La Oon. These houses are damaged by time and rain but the vulnerable and elderly who live there are unable to repair or rebuild house alone. The school break activities have helped the elderly, handicapped and widows with small children, to have better houses to keep them safe and warm.

House under repair and after repair

On March 15, 2014, COERR, Refugee Committee and the Youth Peace Volunteers in Ban Mae La Oon Camp participated in the activity in which elderly and youth meet to share their experience, and listen to each other. Healthy oat juice were served to refresh and nourish both groups during their sharing time.

Later, on March 17, the Peace Youth Volunteer group in Mae Lama Luang had their social/ community service through the garbage collection and public area cleaning. Their activity had made the community cleaner and safer for living. The young people were joyful and eager to run activities with friends during school vacation.

The Healing of Memory and Reconciliation Program promoting intergenerational understanding including cultural transmission between elderly and youth.