COERR Mae Sariang’s Assistance to the Extremely Vulnerable Refugees

On April 2-3, 2014, Ms. Ingunn Samdal Vikene, Caritas Danmark’s Program Coordinator and COERR Mae Sariang staff visited Ban Mae Lama Luang and Ban Mae La Oon refugee camps in Sop Moei District, Mae Hong Son Province, on the occasion of her visit to Thailand during April 1-4, 2014.

The team visited two elders who were very happy and excited to welcome visitors, especially the foreign visitor, to their houses.

Home visit is part of COERR’s Social Service for the vulnerable refugees, e.g. elderly, handicapped, separated children, etc. It is also an integrated part of the peace and reconciliation program.

In April and May, COERR Mae Sariang’s assistance towards the vulnerable refugees consisted of repair of one house for the sick and poor elderly; distribution of consumable supplies for 28 vulnerable cases; supplementary food for 18 elderly cases, monitoring of 2 widows and 1 elderly as well as provision of subsidies for 3 families whose elderly passed away.

In addition, in the month of May COERR brought 100 youth in Ban Mae Lama Luang and 100 in Ban Mae La Oon camps to visit the elderly in their own communities. During visits, elderly were happy to welcome youth with blessings and teaching while youth enjoy interactive visits. The aim of this activity was to raise youth’s awareness in value of the aged, by paying respect and honoring their good practice and advice. It is also cultural preservation that elderly should transfer to the younger to practice.