A Visit to Refugee Livelihood Program by Caritas Denmark

During August 26-27, 2014, COERR Mae Sot and Ms. Ingunn Samdal Vikene, Caritas Denmark’s Program Coordinator,have visited COERR’s program for the vulnerable refugee groups supported by Caritas Denmark; i.e. Livelihood and agricultural traing class, shops selling products made by refugees; mushroom house. The team also conducted home visit to provide moral support for the vulnerable refugees in Ban Umpiem and Ban Nupo camps.

Welcome performance by refugee children in Ban Umpiem Camp

Visit the shops where livelihood products were on sale such as vegetables, liquid fertilizer, soap, candle, dish washing liquid, laundry liquid, balm, scarf, etc.

Observe the organic agricultural training advance class for 39 farmers (34 male and 5 female) who learned about household and farm accounting, seed selection for propagation, making liquid fertilizer and trichoderma fungi to obstruct diseases in plants.

Visit to agriculture plots in hilly area, seeds provided by COERR

On August 27, a visit was made to Ban Nupo camp

Products made by refugees were offered as gift set souvenir to visitor.

Livelihood program seen were 2 fish raising groups, 2 frog raising groups, 1 candle group and 1 soap making group.

Home visit to 3 vulnerable refugees.

On August28, a visit was made to a border village.