“COERR’s refugee volunteer refreshing course”: the training by COERR Kanchanaburi

Held at Ban Don Yang camp on November 6 and Ban Tham Hin camp on November 8, 2012, the contents were to train COERR’s refugee volunteer workers about

            1. Who is COERR?
            2. Know our EVIs
            3. How to know when other people need help?
            4. How to report?

From this training course, COERR’s refugee volunteer workers learn and understand more about COERR. They enjoyed discussing who in the community are most vulnerable. The outcomes are the children, elderly, pregnant, disabled and single- parent family. In the exercise “How to know when other people need help?”, the refugee volunteers watched the role play about domestic violence, they can identify the significant signs of abuse and violence and learn how to write a child abuse incident report.

Finally, the refugee volunteer workers and trainer worked together to design the abuse incident report form for reporting to Programme Social Workers (PSW).